Aviata Systems, Inc. offers the most advanced deicing software on the market. Mercury makes the process of aircraft deicing faster, tracks data more efficiently, and provides a more cost-effective way of managing aircraft from "off-gate" to "wheels-up".

Mercury optimizes all aspects of the deicing process. It takes deicing into the modern age by effectively tracking, controlling and reporting deicing event details in real time.

Product Components

Deicer Module

A real-time data collection system consisting of a touch screen module installed in each deicing truck. The touch screen collects information such as: customer, aircraft type and tail number, start and stop times for each deicing step, and fluid quantities applied.

Central Management Module (CMM)

All management and operational information is easily accessible during or after the deicing event by the customer using a web interface that provides real-time operational dashboards, reports, and key-performance indicators.

Pad Control Module (PCM)

The PCM is installed on a deicing pad controller's computer allowing the pad controller to view departure schedules, or receive aircraft data as they depart the gate. Aircraft can be manually or automatically assigned to the most efficient deicing pad and slot. The PCM automatically transmits the aircraft data to deicing trucks assigned to that aircraft. The system can even assign a deicing slot time to an aircraft preparing to leave the gate, allowing the airline to make the decision to hold loading and thus reduce time spent in the deicing queue with engines idling.

Data Capture Module (DCM)

When a Mercury Deicer Module is not installed on a truck, the data for that event can be captured using the DCM application installed on multiple input PCs at each airport. Records of each deicing event by truck are manually entered into the CMM.

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