Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Aviata Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of aircraft deicing and anti-icing managment technology, is supplying Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), with the Mercury deicing management system. The installation includes the Mercury Deicer Module for 28 deicing trucks, the Pad Commander deicing pad management system to be installed in the US Airways ramp tower, and the Mercury Management Dashboard which will enable real-time operational managment and monitoring of the deicing/anti-icing process.

Other News & Events

Anchorage (ANC)

October, 2010

Completed rollout of the Mercury Deicing Management system at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska.

John F. Kennedy (JFK)

August, 2010

Completed field testing of the new Mercury Digital Input Module for interfacing the Deicer Module with glycol flow sensors on a deicing truck. This new component provides greatly-enhanced accuracy of data collection during the deicing operation while reducing operator workload.

Denver International (DEN)

May, 2010

Completed field testing of the Mercury Deicer Module in a Vestergaard Elephant Beta deicing truck.

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