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Contego Systems, LLC

Contego is in the business of proudly and responsibly providing complete deicing services for the airline industry. It was organized by individuals with more than 25 years’ experience in the private and commercial airlines business. Contego provides its clients with the highest quality of services with its workforce of over 750 employees.

Every employee undergoes comprehensive training in order to specialize in deicing/anti-icing services or glycol/storm-water recovery and disposal which results in cost efficiency for the client and environmentally safe for the surrounding community; using the latest approved technology.

In addition to providing its clients with quality services, Contego is mindful of protecting the environment and utilizes high volumes of low pressure air at ambient temperature to clean loose contamination off the aircraft’s surface prior to applying heated deicing fluid. This allows Contego to reduce the amount of glycol fluid used, which in turn significantly decreases environmental impact. Also, Contego has implemented the use of specialized vacuum equipment and glycol-fluid reclamation and disposal programs; a process that is unfortunately not commonly practiced in aircraft deicing/anti-icing.

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Joint Venture

June, 2010

Contego Systems and Aviata Systems have formed a joint-venture to offer the most advanced deicing management system on the market. The software, called Mercury, makes the process of aircraft deicing faster, tracks data more efficiently, and provides a more cost-effective way of managing aircraft from “off-gate” to “wheels-up”.

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